Tootja Yamaha
Tootekood: A 4000

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Kirjeldus Ever since the introduction of sampling technology, virtually every rackmount sampler on the market has been just that — a sampler — and nothing more. Sure there have been advancements in sound quality and the addition of digital effects, but the basic concept has remained the same — UNTIL NOW. Announcing the arrival of the revolutionary A5000/A4000 — professional samplers with the power not only to create sounds, but to shape them in a way never before dreamed possible.

Impressive Specs

The A5000/A4000 have impressive specs for a sampling unit. Both models are expandable with up to 128 MB of RAM and can accommodate an Internal Hard Drive and Internal Zip� Drive simultaneously. The A4000 provides 16 Multitimbral Parts and 64 Notes of Polyphony, while the A5000 gives you nearly double the power with 32 Multitimbral Parts and 126 Notes of Polyphony. And for ultimate flexibility and convenience, these samplers are compatible with a wide range of sample formats, including AIFF and WAV among others, and are bundled with special Sample and Parameter Editing Software.