Shipping Info

Transportation costs within Estonia:

DPD Courier
Shipments 0 - 20kg - 6.50€
Shipments 20 - 30kg - 11,50€
Shipments 30 - 40kg - 16.00€
Shipments 40kg and over - 20.00€
Itella Smartpost
All parcel sizes - 2.90€
Maximum dimensions: 60 cm x 36 cm x 60 cm

The transport cost is seen at the registration of the purchase order after you have entered your contact information and/or the delivery address of the goods.

Delivery times in Estonia

Estimated delivery time in Estonia is  1-2 workdays by DPD Courier or with Itella Smartpost.

If you choose to pick up the goods yourself at the location of a Stanford Music shop, take into consideration that it might take as long as 1 to 7 workdays for the goods to arrive from warehouse to the location of the store. You will receive an e-mail once your goods have been prepared for pick-up.

International transport

In case of international transport, we exploit a fixed shipping and handling cost of 20€ to most European countries on the following terms:

* maximum weight of package 20 kg
* maximum longest side of the package 1500mm
* the height and the bottom perimeter amount does not exceed 3000mm

* Price of shipping will be visible during check out. If you can not see the shipping costs to your country (located outside the European Union) contact us directly by phone or e-mail for order and shipment inquiries.

Delivery times to Latvia and Lithuania
Customers from Latvia & Lithuania will receive their shipment with DPD courier in 1-3 working days. Shipping charge is 20€
Delivery times to Finland
Using Itella Smartpost parcel terminals, your goods will arrive to Helsinki in 1-2 days. Shipping time to other parcel terminals in Finland takes about 2-3 days. Price for Smartpost to Finland is fixed at 14.9€ . Using regular post service , your shipment will arrive to your local post office in 4-7 days with fixed shipping charge 20€

Delivery times in other European countries

Estimated delivery time of the international shipments is 4-10 working days by ordinary post.